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Dear Bridget, I was so sad to read your story and even sorrier when I got to the end.

What can I do.? Shall I write to the minister? You and Ari are so happy here.

Dear woman< don’t give up. Keep fighting for what you believe is right and good for you and your son.

Sending love Dee- in Enniscorthy.

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Hi Deirdre!

So kind of you to reach out! Thanks for the offer and the inspiration! I was able to send in a beautiful letter written by my parish priest from back in the States, I'll be in touch if they ask for more. I hope your house is coming along and you're enjoying Springtime in Enniscorthy, we look so forward to next year's Blues Festival! Thanks a million! x

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You are relentless. Go get em, girl. You have more gumption than I would have had, and your ability to not take no for an answer may win the day. I hope so. Keep winning people like Glinda (wasn't she the good witch in Oz?) over to help you fight the Bureaucracy. I wish there was something we could do from here to help but alas, nothing comes to mind. Your ancestors would find it ironic that you are fighting to stay where they worked so hard to leave. Once you write your life story, I wonder who will play you in the movie. I vote for Jessica Chastain. (Smart, tough, tenacious and pretty.)

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