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Céad Míle Fáilte!

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes my friend! I am Bridget McGinty, chef, writer and adventurer explorer, living in Cork, Ireland with my young son Ari! For nearly two decades, I was the chef and owner of the wildly popular and fiercely loved Tastebuds Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, before Covid 19 forced its untimely closure in April of 2020.

Since then, there’s been a yearning deep inside of me. At the height of my career, I was feeding two to three hundred people every weekday, in the span of three hours. There’s nothing like it and I miss it terribly! Perhaps, by sharing what it was that made Tastebuds so special and so unique, I can contribute once again, to the health and happiness of others, which brought me tremendous joy and made my life so extraordinary.

I will be writing my highly anticipated memoir here, on Substack, raw, unfiltered and in real time, and YOU, dear friend, will be my MUSE!

Not only will you be handsomely rewarded with my restaurant’s most sought-after recipes, but you will learn simple tricks and cooking techniques that will make your every meal more delicious, all while hearing the incredible story of how it all came to be!

You will receive a new and exciting newsletter, straight to your inbox, every other Friday, giving you yet another reason to TGIF! If you never had the pleasure of dining at Tastebuds, this video will give you an idea of what you missed and just some of the delicious recipes I will be teaching you!

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By supporting me with a paid subscription, you will be giving me the opportunity to devote all of my time, while Ari is in school or sports training, to writing stories and recipes guaranteed to leave you hungry for more! In addition to my memoir, I also write screenplays. Now, wouldn’t you just love to see a movie make it to the big screen, that you helped make possible?

Also, subscribe because I need an audience! Seriously, I’m all alone here in Ireland! My creativity feeds and flourishes off of the inspiration and energy of others! For just $7 a month, the price of a proper pint as the locals here might say, you can learn the recipes and techniques that had Clevelanders absolutely addicted and obsessed with Tastebuds Restaurant! Just read their reviews on Yelp!

I would love nothing more, then to give this all away for free, but I no longer have my restaurant to support me in this endeavor, like I had initially planned, before the pandemic. Please consider the time and cost of recreating my signature dishes as well. I’ve enlisted my sister Erin to shop and ship key ingredients that cannot be sourced here in Ireland. She’s cheap, but the shipping is not!

Subscribe, and you will be the first to hear my story, which really begins when I was living in a 1967 Dodge Dart, in the parking lot of the McDonalds where I worked and where I stole the $75 needed to buy the car! After two failed attempts to get into the United States Army, you will learn that it was the voice of Robin Williams, in my head, whispering “Carpe Diem,” that led me to the restaurant and chef, a pioneer of the farm-to-table movement, that would change my life forever. Now, don’t you just want to hear more?

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Need More Convincing?

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If you are looking to sharpen your skills in the kitchen and improve the freshness and flavor of your food, I’ve got all the good tips!

If you have ever thought about opening a restaurant or packing up and moving to Ireland, I’ve got those stories for you as well!

I’ve always said, “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow, Eat Like There Might Be!” Now, more than ever, do I feel we must! Allow me to inspire you to do both!

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Taking risks in food and life, that leave you damn delicious and craving more! Chef & Restaurateur, Bridget McGinty constructs her memoir, raw, unfiltered and in real time and shares her highly sought-after recipes and cooking techniques!


Bridget McGinty

I am a chef, restaurateur and writer from Cleveland, Ohio living in Cork, Ireland with my young son Ari.