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Banana Kale Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

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-Eden Phillpotts

Welcome to My First Video Friends!

Remembering that I didn’t know anything about owning a restaurant when I first opened Tastebuds helped me to just dive right in today and make my first-ever cooking video! It’s terrible, but the first time for anything is usually pretty bad, right? Oh and SPOILER ALERT: There is no actual cooking!!! Enjoy!

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Bridget’s Breakfast Smoothie

2 Servings (One for today and one for tomorrow, because who wants to clean a blender every single day?)

2 Small-Medium Ripe Bananas

1/4 Cup Washed Blueberries

1 Cup Milk

1/4 Cup Fruit Juice (1/2 Cranberry and 1/2 Orange Juice is My Favorite)

2 Big Handfuls of Rinsed Green Kale

1 Tablespoon Flaxseeds

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

1 Tablespoon Goji Berries

2 Tablespoons Almond Butter

1 Cup Vanilla Yogurt

4 Ice Cubes

Method: Add all ingredients to blender and mix on lowest speed until everything is incorporated. Turn to high and blend until smooth, around 30 seconds, pausing halfway through to scrape the sides with a spatula. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate for a day or two at the most.

Leave a comment letting me know what recipes you would like me to demo in the future or if you would like me to stop embarrassing myself altogether! I’ll be sending my regular newsletter out tomorrow, I just wanted to post this before I lost my nerve!

Thanks For Watching!



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